TOP 5 Projects Launched on Cardano

The Cardano ecosystem has grown to over 100 projects during the past three months. This ecosystem will continue to grow Defi & NFT initiatives as smart contracts have now been introduced by Cardano publicly.
Suppose you’re like me and own Cardano in your portfolio. In that case, you’ll like to read this article because I will provide you several Cardano projects that could have some significant potential. Furthermore, I’ll also explain why I do not want to sell my ADA soon. So let’s jump in.

First, Let’s have a quick summary of Cardano prices. Cardano is the third biggest cryptocurrency market and is a proof of stake platform.
The platform’s primary currency ticker is ADA. Cardano has introduced smart contracts, and if you are a holder of the ADA like me, it was a significant milestone we all experienced. I also will focus on why the Cardano price has been down lately. But one reason is that more than 2,300 smart contracts are presently waiting for Cardano to be launched.
Speaking about the pricing of Cardano because many of you have asked questions about it. Presently the price of Cardano is around $2.36. So at this price point, it is about 23% below the $3.10, which was an all-time high. So if you believe in the price of Cardano, then obviously, now is a beautiful opportunity to build up a more significant position.
Smart Contracts are now, however, caught in a time-lock agreement. Developers have to wait for significant financing initiatives to deploy. Decentralized apps and other projects such as NFTS, Cortex, Liquid, and SingularityNET are among the efforts that are ready for new protocols and concepts to be deployed.

This trend will continue to increase with NFT activities, and below are the top five Cardano projects that will help boost the platform:


ERGODEX is a decentralized exchange that enables fast, efficient, and safe liquidity transfers between Ergo and Cardano.
AMM (automated market maker) and order book exchange principles are thereby integrated, an achievement that very few DEXs achieve. Uniswap and Pancakeswap are active DEXs but come with high costs to the userbase. The objectives of ErgoDEX, including the solution to these difficulties, are fulfilled quickly.
ErgoDEX, on the other end, is now in a prototype. The beta AMM thus tested around 1100 swap transactions. If you already have a Yoroi wallet, you can already test out the ErgoDEX AMM.


OccamFi aims to become the intelligent DeFi layer of Cardano. OccamFi offers consumers a range of DeFi solutions customized to the ecosystem of Cardano. These instruments include launchpads, DEX instruments, and liquidity pools.
For the ecosystem of Cardano, OccamRazer is the first comprehensive OccamFi launchpad solution. As a result, it’s become Cardano’s main launchpad.
Seven IDOs were successfully completed, and an extensive list of future IDOs is available. Furthermore, launchpads have already done a pretty good job on other blockchains in the past. Therefore OccamRazor is also extremely good.
The OccamFi ecosystem includes its own $OCC coin that has several uses. To get access to unique pools, OccamRazer tokens holders can invest $OCC. First, of course, before the IDO registration deadline, $OCC must be staked. Five steps now exist, each requiring a different stake.
The holders of $OCC can put their tokens on and not yet earn remuneration in the IDO.
Razer reward may also be awarded to the OCC holders participating in IDO’s. These funds will be paid in OCC $ like cashback.


CardStarter is the first Cardano ecosystem guaranteed project incubator. Insured launchpad indicates that the IDO participants are secured in the DeFi operation against any danger of financial loss. CardStarter is also a Bootcamp and a swapping platform that connects entrepreneurs from Cardano to their communities in the early stage.
On the other side, the $CARDS token is the current ROI launchpad number 1 as users are required to hold $CARDS tokens for the CardStarter IDO participation. Only in this fashion may users participate in lots or secured pools.
However, it is costly for many individuals to participate in CardStarter IDOs, as the price of the $CARDS token is $17.8. Consequently, 100 CARDS are the minimum stake needed.
Finally, it is noteworthy, more than $12,293 worth of wallets for Cardano Projects, making it the third-largest shareholder.


SingularityNET is a new decentralized marketplace for Artificial Intelligence algorithms. To democratize access to AI technologies, this unique platform brought together leaders in machine learning and blocks. But because of its renowned gas prices and scalability problems, SingularityNET switches from Ethereum.
In addition, in the future, SingularityNET aims to deliver trillions of API requests. 51 services may be found in the Marketplace, and a demonstration paid in $AGIX can be requested. The platform has therefore already built an AI developer base.
Actually, Charles Hoskinson promoted the SingularityNET, which appears to work for the project.
It is also essential to emphasize that the project is being completed by more than $27,000 in AGIX holders with top holding Cardano. Meanwhile, by vesting them in 30 days, you may take $AGIX, a token for SingularityNET. This facilitates blockchain activities.


Sundaeswap is promising to be Uniswap’s Cardano counterpart and is an attractive early-stage Cardano venture. In May 2021, a first stake pool offer was launched by Sundae Swap (ISO). This enables the ISO to transfer your ADA into a SundaeSwap pool. In exchange, you will earn certain $ADA awards and others as venture tokens.
Therefore, the members of the community are looking forward to its debut, and this might become one of the most profitable initiatives in Cardano. The DEX is slated to launch in the middle of October, according to recent updates and the ISO is scheduled to follow soon after.
But what distinguishes Sundayswap from other Cardano DEX buildings? Now, since day 1, SundaeSwap DEX has formed several liquidity agreements. They have partnered with other initiatives such as Liqwid, for example. SundaeSwap is implemented into Liqwid when the Alonzo hard fork is introduced, according to Liqwid. This implies that users may exchange tokens at a genuine market price on SundaeSwap.


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