Setup lolMiner – Step by Step Guide

If you are looking to mine popular crypto like Ethereum or Ravencoin, setup lolMiner and you’ll be up and running quickly. Many algorithms are designed to work with this miner like Ethash, Zelhash Cuckoo, and more. If you have an AMD graphics card, this may be the best miner for you.

What is lolMiner?

LolMiner is a cryptocurrency miner created by Lolliedieb in October of 2018. Since its release, it has risen to popularity for its ease of use, simple configuration, and quick adaption. lolminer supports Cucatoo and Equihash algorithms which are both high in demand. Though lolminer was developed for AMD graphics cards, many Nvidia cards are also supported. When operating this miner, there is a 1-2% fee that goes to the developers and is somewhat standard in the industry.

lolminer Supported Algorithms and Fees

Below are the support algorithms and fees for the latest release 1.31.

AlgorithmFee %
Autolykos V21.5
BeamHash III1.0
Cuckoo 292.0
CuckarooD 292.0
CuckarooM 292.0
Cuckaroo 30 CTXC2.5
Cuckatoo 312.0
Cuckatoo 322.0
Cuckaroo 29-321.0
Cuckaroo 29-401.0
Equihash 144/51.0
Equihash 192/71.0
Equihash 210/91.0


Download the latest version of lolMiner

Users and developers are actively working together to keep this miner up to date, and there is a new release regularly posted. At the time of this post, there have been 54 releases, and lolMiner version 1.31 is the newest. To check the most current version, check the GitHub page for the official download.

How to Setup lolMiner

Step 1 – Download lolMiner

If you haven’t already downloaded the miner, check the GitHub page for the most up-to-date. Then download and extract the contents into a folder that has been added to the Windows exclusion list. This is an essential step because Windows will see this as a threat or virus and attempt to remove it. To add the miner to the exclusion list, check this out.


Step 2- Pick algorithm and edit batch file

After you have extracted all the files in your exclusion list, you will need to select a batch file to run. They are listed by the algorithm and have the extension “.bat”, see below.

algorithm batch file list
algorithm batch file list

In this example, we are going to edit the “mine_eth.bat” which is the Ethash algorithm for mining Ethereum.

ethash algorithm
ethash algorithm

Step 3 – Edit batch file

Now that we have selected an algorithm, we are ready to edit the batch file and insert our details. Do not skip this step. By entering your information, you will ensure that you are getting paid for the work of your miner.

You can edit the file by right-clicking and selecting the ‘Edit‘ option in the menu. Using Notepad as your editor is recommended. You should see the following text file when it’s open.

batch file
batch file

The batch file has three areas that we want to modify with our own settings. The first is going to be the ‘Pool

Mining Pool
Mining Pool

We are going to use Ethermine as our pool in this example. You can use any pool that you choose. When you go to the Ethermine site, it will provide you with the pool information. You will need the mining server, which is “” add the colon, and then add their port, which is “4444

When complete is should read “”

The next step is to put in your wallet address. Since we are mining Etherum in the example, we will need to put in our Ethereum wallet address. If you don’t have a wallet yet, you can install Trust Wallet, Metamask, or Exodus to get one.

Delete the current wallet address, and enter in your own personal address.

wallet address

When complete it should look similar to this…


Lastly, we can change the name of the miner. This step is not required, but helpful if you have multiple miners working.

miner name
miner name

By default “lolMinerWorker” is listed. Changing this name with a unique name makes the label easily visible from the Ethermine dashboard. Just make sure to leave a period between the wallet address and the name of your miner.

Save your changes, and now you can run the batch file by right-clicking on it, and selecting ‘Run as administrator.’ If you run into any issues, check out the video below for a visual walk-through of these steps.


Video: Install and Setup lolMiner

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