How will the results of the US elections affect the crypto market?

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On November 3, the US presidential election was held. Joe Biden has been declared the formal winner. Formally, since the current President Donald Trump filed suits in the US Supreme Court for fraud in the counting of votes by mail. Historically, remote voting has always been available in the US, but it has been used by a small percentage of citizens, usually military personnel serving outside the country.

This time, the opponents apparently took into account the mistakes of the previous campaign, when the “non-systemic” candidate outperformed the protege of the American establishment, despite all the possibilities of modern social media.

There has never been such a mass remote vote in the history of the United States. Moreover, all this was organized against the backdrop of a really high incidence of a new coronavirus infection. But at the same time, concern for the health of citizens who did not observe social distance did not allow the authorities to disperse the BLM mass protest movements, which were rather destructive – and sometimes openly looting – in nature. And as a result, the process of counting votes dragged on.

It should be said that the country’s largest media resources worked against Trump. And even his beloved Twitter, which he used throughout his presidential term to communicate with the world, frankly played along with his opponent. However, Biden’s resounding victory did not work out. Yes, and it was difficult to expect it, since the candidate turns 78 on November 20, and many citizens have a reasonable question – can he even make it to the end of his first term?

However, the remote vote did its job: in many swing states, where Trump was initially in the lead, Biden began to add sharply when counting the “postal votes”. Moreover, Trump was often rightly surprised – how a Democrat could get hundreds of thousands of votes, and a Republican – not a single one. Noticing a clear contradiction of logic in this, the head of the White House demanded that the calculations be stopped. We just have to wait for the completion of a series of litigations. Although the last US president was too “out of the system” for this system not to find a way to reject him.

But let’s get back to the topic of the article and analyze how the election of a new president will affect the crypto market. Yes, probably not. Trump differed from his predecessors in that he at least remembered his campaign promises and it is impossible to show him anything other than COVID-19. And if you remember about the coronavirus, he had it himself, and emerged victorious.

However, it is not the presidents or senators who determine the vector of movement, but the “owners of money”. You will not see the faces of the latter on billboards, and politicians only adjust to the necessary direction. And the direction for the destruction of the modern financial system has already been set. And if the second – already announced in the EU – lockdown does not “get kinder” to the eurozone economy, Brussels will apparently announce a third one, despite all the protests of the residents.

And in the States, even in the absence of such strict restrictive measures as in the EU, society (not without help) has stratified so strongly, and the contradictions have gone so deep that a biblical question arises – can “a house divided in itself” stand?

The Fed, both under Trump and under Biden, will continue to print money, of which more than a quarter of the entire historical dollar issuance has been printed since the beginning of this year. But perhaps even more will be printed under Biden, since the Republicans’ new “stimulus” requests were limited to $1.55 trillion, while the Democrats demanded $2.2 trillion.

Beijing, meanwhile, has prepared a new mine – in the form of a crypto-yuan – under the clay feet of the dollar colossus. And the widespread introduction of China’s digital currency is just around the corner. The United States itself plans to introduce a digital dollar by January 1, 2021. A roadmap has also been adopted for the introduction of CBDC (central bank digital currency) by most of the world’s leading economies. Judging by the statement of the IMF, at first digital analogues will function in parallel with fiat currencies. And then what? Have you thought about it yet? And it would be time.

As you ponder, yet another U.S. billionaire, Stanley Druckenmiller, bet against the dollar, saying, “Frankly, if the gold bet works, the bitcoin bet will probably work even better.”

It must be understood that “Big Money” will never speak positively about this or that asset until their position is fully collected.

Why will bitcoin rise? Because this is the mainstream of a new direction in the evolution of the financial system – the digital system. And bitcoin is needed in order for cryptocurrencies to be associated in the minds of people with stable economic growth. And soon the world itself will ask for this stability against the backdrop of economic turmoil associated with the old fiat system.


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