How to Setup a Flux Node on Your VPS: A Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

flux node

Running a Flux node can not only contribute to the security and decentralization of the network but also provide opportunities for earning rewards. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to setup a Flux node on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to participate in the network and earn rewards. Flux is one of many on my node project watchlist, that I am now invested in.

What is Flux network?

The Flux Network (FLUX) is a project that combines a decentralized cloud computing network with cross-chain oracle capabilities. The project’s objective is to create a trustless data layer for web 3.0 applications. To achieve this goal, the network introduces a custom blockchain and a versatile utility token to the market. The blockchain is tailored to meet the specific needs of the network, while the utility token is designed to incentivize participants and ensure the smooth operation of the ecosystem. By integrating cloud computing and cross-chain oracle capabilities, the Flux Network aims to provide a secure, reliable, and decentralized solution for web 3.0 applications that require trustworthy data inputs.

Flux Node Categories & Stake Amounts

  • NIMBUS 12,500 FLUX
  • STRATUS 40,000 FLUX

Setup a FLUX Node

Install Zelcore wallet

Before we begin, you will need to install the Zelcore wallet and funds the wallet with the exact amount required for a node. As an example, if you want to setup a Cumulus node you will need to transfer exactly 1000 FLUX to your wallet. If you send it in multiple transactions, ( ie 300 FLUX and 700 FLUX) it will not be recognized for the node. I created this guide, if you need a step by step walkthrough of the installation and feature of the Zelcore wallet.

Setup Wallet

Now that you have your wallet installed, and its been funded with FLUX, we want to open it up and head over the the menu on the left.

Select the Apps option in the menu

Then select FluxNodes

Below the map in the section called My FluxNodes there should be an item listed below. You can expand the details, and it will supply unique details such as your address.

Locate and click on the Edit option below.

Here is some details we will need to obtain for the Flux node.

We need the Identity Key, Collateral TX ID, and the Output Index.  You will want to copy these items and paste the text in a notepad because we will need to refer to it later in this setup.

Create account with HostMyFlux

We are using HostMyFlux as the VPS. They have created a very simple way of setting up your node, with minimal effort. All server configuration will be completed for you. You only need to provide some details of your wallet. Begin by creating an account.

I have provide my referral code (5882d3b2-9e90-46b7-bc9b-72970268f1e3) which will give you a credit to help with the setup cost. Once you have signed up, you will pick the package that matches the node you want to create.

At the prompt to enter your Flux node information and which are a the copies we put in notepad. Fill it out and submit. Add your payment details and let it process. You will receive a confirmation email and it will contain a dashboard link.

Update Zelcore

Last step is to update the node in Zelcore. Back in your wallet, return to the Apps, and Flux Nodes. Select your node in the list and click on the Edit button. In here add a Name, any name will do, and in IP enter The IP address will auto populate on its own. Click Save.

Back at the dashboard, under the My FluxNodes, you check how many confirmations your node has received. Once you have receive more than 100 confirmations, click on the Start button. This launches your node and you will begin to start earning.

Your Flux Node is now up and running and you are contributing to the decentralization of the network! You can check the status at anytime by visiting the homepage of HostMyFlux or opening up your Zelcore wallet. If you would like a visual walk through of these steps, i have included my YouTube guide below.

Video: Setup a FLUX Node


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