How to Install Metamask wallet for Chrome

install metamask

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to install the MetaMask wallet. We will be using a Windows 10 PC and installing the Google Chrome extension. Both of these can be found on Google’s website.

What is a MetaMask wallet?

Metamask wallet is a software wallet for cryptocurrency made to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain. It is a browser extension that doesn’t just hold cryptocurrency but also works as an authentication tool that allows you to log in and access decentralized apps (DAPPS) through your web browser.

We will install the Metamask wallet in the Google Chrome browser in this guide, but the Metamask wallet works with other popular browsers such as Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. Metamask is also available for mobile devices the run Android and iOS.

Install Metamask for Chrome

The official Metamask Wallet URL is ‘’. Please be sure always to download your extension from the source to ensure you get the official software. Unfortunately, many scammers have developed look-alike sites and similar apps with malware and viruses embedded.

On the Metamask wallet homepage, click the blue button at the top to start the download.

Metamask wallet homepage

Select the browser you want to use, and it will take you to the correct extension or app store.

Next, you will be giving the option to ‘Add to Chrome’. Select this and the installation will quickly happen.

Now select the blue ‘Get Started’ Link on the welcome screen.

Since we are starting from scratch, we will click the option to ‘Create a Wallet’ in the next window.

Then, read and agree to the user agreement that shows how your data will be anonymized and used.

Now it’s time to create a password. Always use an alphanumeric (both numbers and letters) combination that is at least eight characters.

After confirming your password, you’ll get a secret phrase.
This phrase is crucial because it’s your key to always using this wallet, recovering it, or installing it on another device. Print or write this phrase down and keep it in a secure place. You’ll also need to confirm the phrase.

Once complete, you will be prompted to swap tokens with Ethereum. This is completely optional, but it gives you plenty of options if you want to do so. You will need to first transfer Ethereum to your Metamask wallet before any swaps can take place.

Metamask functions similar to other hot wallets, but it has the advantage of being used to sign into decentralized apps. You can easily transfer crypto coins in and out of Metamask wallet with its intuitive design.


Metamask allows you to create and store multiple wallets that can be easily managed from the main menu. This wallet is also your authentication tool to anonymously connect to DAPPS sites, like Rariable, and others. Once authenticated, you can use the wallet for functions like purchasing or transferring cryptocurrency.


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Video: How to Install Metamask for Chrome

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