Cryptocurrency Abbreviations


As you learn about cryptocurrencies and their ecosystems, knowing what the abbreviations mean is essential. While researching crypto-related topics in the news or blogs, these terms can get confusing. I will continuously update the page with new acronyms as they come up in the community. Check back regularly!


BIP – Bitcoin Improvement Proposal
BTM – Automatic Teller Machine for Bitcoin
DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization
DCA – Dollar Cost Average
DPoS – Delegated Proof of Stake
EEA – Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
EIP – Ethereum Improvement Proposal
ERC – Ethereum Request for Comments
EVM – Ethereum Virtual Machine
FA – Fundamental Analysis
LN – Lightning Network
MACD – Moving Average Convergence Divergence
MoE – Medium of Exchange
P2P – Peer to Peer
PoA – Proof of Authority
PoB – Proof of Burn
PoCr – Proof of Credit
PoD – Proof of Developer
PoS – Proof of Stake
PoW – Proof of Work
SC – Smart Contract
SegWit – Segregated Witness
SoV – Store of value
TA – Technical Analysis or Trend Analysis
UoA – Unit of Account
UTC – Coordinated Universal Time
WP – Whitepaper
YTD – Year to Date